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IP cams
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» Sony Progressive CCD
» 720P CCD Outdoor IP Camera
» External Vari-focal Lens Adjustment
» 3D+2D Digital Noise Reduction
» Power over Ethernet Available
» IR LED Built in 25M Available
» Mechanism IR Cut Filter Available
» H.264/ M-JPEG Compression


» Micro SD Card Backup(Option)
» 2-way Audio
» Video Output
» IP66
» Cable Management
» Support iPhone/Android/Mac
» SDK for Software Integration
» Free Bundle 36 Ch Recording Software

Road Monitoring
No Flicker
Wide Dynamic Range
It features Sony CCD sensor, and provides
higher clarity that allows users to easily
identify vehicle numbers on the screen
CMOS IP Camera has a flicker henomenon,
but CCD IP Camera didn't have it.
D-WDR technique makes it possible to deal
with a high-contrast scenario, and avoid
dark zones resulting from over or under
2D+3D Noise Reduction
3-Axis & Cable Management Bracket
Optional Accessory: Junction Box
DNR function can filter the noise and blur
from the image and show a clearer view.
The IP camera supports 2D and 3D DNR,
and users can adjust the two parameters
  When you mount the IP camera to the wall
or ceilling, the angle of camera can be
adjusted in pan, tilt, and rotation ways for
easily finding the optimal shooting angle.
The cable can be hidden in the bracket,
preventing the cable from being cut
deliberately, raising the reliability of the
surveillance device.
  You don't have to fix the cables next to
the camera-- they can be hidden in the
box behind the camera itself and leave a
neat appearance.
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