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Our Mission

iProSecu Corporation has been one of the leading brands in IP solution market, founded in 2007. iProSecu as its brand promise "Quality IP Surveillance Provider", gaining a very strong and positive reputation. It is the right time for the company to use the experience gathered through these years to expand into our own IP cameras / NVR brands, providing to our clients a complete solution totally compatible with some famous brands. Our policy is to strategically offer a prompt delivery service for security projects and strengthen a long-term cooperation with our valuable clients.

Our Vision


iProSecu vision is to become a complete IP surveillance provider for 3C (Computers/Communications/Consumer) integration to make human better and easy life.


Core Competence


iProSecu's core competence is the strong R&D background and resources, focusing on the development of video codec technology for products such as IP cameras , linux base NVRs. With today’s knowledge and experience, we develop reliable products to a very competitive network market. We are a pioneers in jumping from analogue to IP technologies. iProSecu delivers its solutions to the global market with nonstop innovation and passion.


Business development


iProSecu has successfully established its brand in IP solution market, continuing a rapid growth. The same strong sales force and services will be applied to the iProSecu IP Cameras / NVRs in the world.


Our Product Portfolio


iProSecu offers a complete product lineup, including Megapixel IP cameras, NVRs, PSE NVRs and VMS Pro IVA software. Also, iProSecu continues constantly developing products featuring the most up to date technology. iProSecu’s effort is on excellent quality, friendly use, cost-effective products, added value, customer service, fast delivery, and trustworthy reliability.

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